Picture this;  There’s a couple of plastic chairs, next to a small table, on a wooden deck, out the front of a one bed cabin room, in a camp site hosting thousands more just like it, neighbouring each other, whilst being occupied by the working class, where literally when you walk out your door you can shake the hand of your neighbour with a “G’Day” exchange, in the awkward heat of the Australian climate, sweating bullets when the sun isn't even up...

Well, in that exact same setting, a conversation was had and Deep Fitted was thought of.  Following which was the call to definite action to plan and organise the Brand we have today.

 Deep Fitted is a hat brand that produces different styles, colours and most importantly, different sizes. This is a hat brand, which business model has solved a problem, at least in part, for those who are looking for a hat that is big enough and deep enough to fit.  We believe we are the providers of the biggest and deepest hats you will find on the current market and make it very easy to get your hands on one today.  When you try one on, you will definitely feel the difference.

 The business was established in Gold Coast, Australia in 2017, where our first office was set up. We are primarily an online business where we ship both nationally and across the world. 

 If you have this problem of not finding a hat big enough for your head, look no more. We have the solution.  Follow us on our social handles, subscribe to our newsletter and join our messenger team for all the latest updates and releases.  You can contact us with any questions or enquiries any time and we'll only be to happy to answer you.. 


photos showing where it all began